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Installing tiles in the bathroom, toilet and/or kitchen is known to bring quite a few benefits. Apart from the awesome look, tiles tend to be easier to clean and maintain, they last much longer than paint and they sure add some good value to the property.



Wet Areas

Making sure all corners, gaps and penetrations are properly prepared and waterproofed is not just a council requirement, but it is a piece of mind knowing that behind the tiles there is a strong shield against one of the most powerful element of nature; water.


Underfloor Heating


Under-tile-heating systems are very flexible to be installed by contouring the shape of the areas you would be considering warming up. The element and sensors are designed to be long lasting, and there is a range of thermostats to choose from.



We offer a good range of services that aim for quality, time and cost efficiency to provide you with an excellent final result.

service 1


We discuss with you about ideas and options, once decided, we carry out the work with a major focus on the details.

service 2


For us, this is a do it once and do it right situation. And rest assured, we will provide you with council consent and warranty.

service 3

Underfloor Heating

It may or may not be needed on certain areas, but if it is, we will make sure your feet will be warmer every winter.

service 4


We also provide full bathroom, toilet, kitchen and laundry renovations. This way, we can gain more control over quality, time and costs of the project and better manage them for you..

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Other Services

If in need of a licensed builder, electrician, plumber, vinyl layer or other trades we might be able to help, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Have You Seen our Works?

We remain passionate and proud of the works we have done all these years, please take a look at some of them as reference.

project 1

Karori Bathroom

ClientPrivate Residential
DateJuly 2021
ProjectFull bathroom renovation

Sometimes simpler is better, and when the size of the bathroom gets in the way, there are solutions to maximise the space of your limited surroundings.

project 2

Kandalah Kitchen

ClientPrivate Residential
DateJuly 2020
ProjectFull property renovation

A great looking kitchen. The area was opened up from the lounge with a walk-in pantry and back door access to the backyard, underfloor heating and tiles, splashback, cabinetry and the lot. Thank you Chris Huszka for this gem.

project 3

Guest Toilets

ClientLighthouse Cinema - Wellington
DateOctober 2021
ProjectFloor, walls and mosaic tiling

Mosaics can bring your tiling ideas to life, the trick is to combine the shapes, colours and the right amount so not to overpower the look you would want to achieve.

project 4

Guest Bathroom

ClientBest Western Hotel - Johnsonville
DateApril 2021
ProjectFrame repairs and bathroom renovation

Another awesome time. Planning is everything, this project really came out better than expected, on time and as per budget. The owner shouted us a BBQ at the end to thank us, just a beauty.

project 5

Trentham Kitchen/Walk-in Pantry

ClientPrivate Residential
DateMay 2020
ProjectSubway tiles splashback installation

Rustic looking tiles are awesome, they give an edging look on an otherwise monotone, plain and flat surface.

project 6

Guestroom Toilet

ClientO'Reilly's Garage - Petone
DateJanuary 2020
ProjectFull renovation

The right combination of tiles and painted walls also brings a minimalistic but million dollar look to your toilet space, again, simple sometimes works better.

project 7

Karori Bathroom

ClientPrivate Residential
DateNovember 2021
ProjectFull renovation

Renovating your bathroom for the next 20 years or longer is quite rewarding. It ensures new and improved materials are used that were not available "back then", add more value to the property in case of selling, and soothes your eyes and soul when using it.

project 8

Karori Kitchen

ClientPrivate Residential
DateMarch 2022
ProjectSubway tiles splashback installation

In order to achieve a beautiful look for your perfect kitchen, a lot of attention to details is required, here is one more example of what can be accomplished when you do.

project 9

Balcony Paving Tiles

ClientHawkins Group NZ
DateMarch 2017
ProjectOutdoor pavers installation to balconies

A completely different system, but a council requirement nonetheless. For balconies and a few other outdoor areas, pavers are to be installed on removable pedestals, this way, the waterproofing membrane can be accessed in case of failure. I would not recommend this method unless it is required, however, you can still achieve a good look and feel when they are properly installed.

project 10

Broadmeadows Bathroom

ClientPrivate Residential
DateFebruary 2020
ProjectBathroom renovation and tiling

Working with contrast can be taunting, but it all comes down to the design theme of your bathroom, the shape and colour of the tiles and the amount of light expected for the area. The result can be astounding.

  • project 1

    Karori Bathroom


  • project 3

    Guest Toilets

    Lighthouse Cinema - Wellington...

  • project 4

    Guest Bathroom

    Best Western Hotel - Johnsonville...

  • project 6

    Guest Toilet

    O'Reilly's Garage - Petone...

  • project 7

    Karori Bathroom


  • project 9

    Balcony Paving Tiles

    Hawkins Group NZ...

  • project 2

    Kandalah Kitchen


  • project 5

    Trentham Kitchen


  • project 8

    Karori Kitchen


  • project 10

    Broadmeadows Bathroom


About us

We are passionate tilers with an eye to details and dedicated to bring you quality and experience into your projects.

team 1

Marco Morales


Originally from Brazil, I migrated to Wellington in 2001. From that time, I have locally acquired 20+ years’ experience in tiling and overall building improvements by working together with an array of good lads. With you in mind, I am committed to bring an exceptionally comfortable experience while delivering high quality work.

EVM Tiling

Tiling in Wellington has a particular feel to it. The Environment, the weather, even the access to certain areas makes it peculiarly interesting and very local. Providing our services to local residents becomes very personal to us and drives us to really look after you as family. We just love to bring our skills and knowledge to ensure you get that extra something you were looking for in your renovations. We are here to walk alongside you and assist you with your ideas and visions for your project and finally deliver it as intended. Thank you for checking us out and we hope to work together soon.


Here are some awesome feedback we received that make us love our job.

“I cannot recommend Marco enough. His work is was professional and absolutely stunning. Every time I walk into the bathroom I feel blown away with the tiling. Marco is a lovely guy. Hardworking and totally professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

client 1 Bathroom 10th May 2022

"Marco has transformed our kitchen with his expert advice and skill. We love your work. We would definitely recommend Marco to others. Thanks again."

client 2 Kitchen 3rd April 2022

"Excellent job from start to finish. Superb workmanship and attention to detail in tiling work by Marco. Deep experience evident and overall a pleasure to work with."

client 3 Splashback 10th February 2022

"“Marco is a true craftsman. He did an amazing job on a fireplace for some clients of mine. Of all trades I work with, tilers cause me the most angst, but Marco made me feel confident with his incredible attention to detail, and great communication throughout. Thanks Marco - I'll be using you again for sure!”"

Nicci Tong - Homes With Soul

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